Video banners

Video banners are a great way to showcase your school/college/unit/department, etc. These banners are typically used on the homepage but can also be implemented on tier pages.

Video banners are typically comprised of 4-5 clips and should be below 4 MB max. No text should be included in the videos for accessibility reasons.

See some examples of video banners:

Video banner requirements

Video banners should be under 4 MB in size. To meet this size requirement, your video should:

  • Have no sound playing in the video
  • Be a maximum of 10 seconds long
  • Have a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Be compressed

If you’re having difficulty, try:

  • Moving from a large resolution to a smaller resolution that will be upscaled (900X300 instead of 1800X600)
  • Making your video shorter (eight-second loop vs. 10-second loop)
  • Increasing compression