Cascade Training

Maintaining your site

After your site goes live, it’s time to focus on the maintenance of your site to keep it up to date and provide the correct information to your users at all times. 

Consistent maintenance of your site is the best thing you can do to keep it organized, clean and easy to navigate.

By maintaining it you ensure the information on your site is accurate which fosters trust between your site and its users.

These tips are specific to the CORE Cascade implementation. If you need assistance with Cascade but are not using CORE, contact us.

Code Snippets

We provide you with easy access to the necessary code for your site footer and accessibility needs. See how our code snippets can fit into your site.

Cascade Training

Trainings are now held via a playlist in Mediasite. This allows for you to train at your own pace and re-watch whenever a refresher is needed. The training will run you through the basics of how to use Cascade. To access the training, please login with your FIU AD credentials after clicking the link.