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Our plans for templates in Cascade for the year ahead. Visit the Changelog for full details of past releases. If there’s something you’d like to see here, submit a comment.

Fall 2020

With the official rollout of the new FIU Brand set for the start of Fall, our goal is to have minimum standards updated across the board for all CORE websites. This will be a phase 1 for implementing new elements of the brand.

  • Update colors: The blues and yellows/golds will be replaced with the university’s blue and bright gold  
  • Update fonts: All text (headings, paragraphs, etc.) will be replaced with Frank New 
  • Small bug fixes 
  • Update CORE webform theme

With this update, guidance in the Pantera Design System website will also be enhanced: 

Winter 2020

Building upon the last release, we’ve begun phase 2 of brand implementation. Updates will release periodically until the end of the year and will include:

  • Redesigning Calls to Action components based on brand design elements
  • Fixing issues from testing and feedback

Guidance in the Pantera Design System website will be updated with each release. The following pages has been updated:

Spring 2021

Phase 3 focused on adding brand elements and improving functionality for a broad range of components. See Changelog for details.

  • Adding new components
  • Updates to existing components
  • Adding guidance to Pantera

Guidance in the Pantera Design System website will be updated with each release. The following pages have been updated:

Summer 2021

We started phase 4 with a big update to Pantera. Check out the Resources section for new guidance. We will focus on:

  • Updates and fixes to navigation functionality
  • Updates to Multimedia Background component
  • Fixes to footer

The following pages have been added/updated: