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Why a design system?

Pantera is the design system made by FIU Digital Communications. It serves as a guide to help you make a seamless website. Pantera provides a readily accessible, efficient and consistent components to help you create or maintain your site. From developing Pantera we were able to build CORE, the FIU template made for Cascade CMS. Pantera has also been used to develop different website designs like News & Magazine and OneStop.


The design system can be used to create unique templates by mixing and matching components and creating custom components based on design standards.

Digital Meetup

The FIU Digital Meetup is a roundtable discussion and presentation on all things digital at FIU. From content strategy, design, marketing, social media, and more, this is the place to learn something new. Join us to discuss concepts you're already familiar with or are new to while connecting with fellow colleagues.

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