Feeds are a way to pull information from another source or website automatically onto your page. You can use them for a blog, FIU News, FIU Calendar, and more. All you need to create a feed is a URL (the source of your feed) and potentially a tag so that your feed only includes relevant topics.

For example: if I want a student-focused website to have a news feed, I could choose the "Student Success" tag from FIU News to populate a feed with only stories tagged with those keywords.

In addition to feeds, you can create a complex list that is searchable and filterable using Searchable List. A list can include degrees, personal profiles, links to resources, or whatever you choose. See examples.

Creating a feed

  1. Most options* require that you create a block before adding this component to a page. To do so, click the pink + 'Add Content' button in the top corner. Select Default > Block > Feed.
  2. Open a new tab to copy the URL of the source of your feed. It should look like this https://news.fiu.edu/tag/Student%20Success/feed but will vary depending on the source.
  3. Go back to Cascade and paste that URL into the block. You must fill out the 'Feed Block Name' and 'Feed URL' fields. Then submit to create the block.
  4. Edit the page where the feed will be added. In a new content area, select Lists and Feeds from the drop down under ‘Select a Type’. Choose from the options listed on this page.
    • * To create a Featured Event, simply fill out the required fields. Add more events by clicking the green + sign on the first event.
    • * Some options such as Searchable List and Profiles don't require feeds. Contact us for assistance to create a new list.