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Use of correct FIU colors across the digital portfolio helps us reinforce our brand identity and is essential to ensure we promote a consistent brand experience to our users.

University's official colors

  • Blue

    HEX: #081E3F
    RGB: 8/30/63

  • Gold

    HEX: #B6862C
    RGB: 182/134/44

Additional shades

We created additional shades of the university blue so they can be used throughout the body of a website (this does not include the header, main navigation or footer of a website).

Areas these shades can be used: background colors for different areas of information (i.e. calls to action), link text, hover or on click, icons, etc.

  • Blue Shade #1

    HEX: #0A254E

  • Blue Shade #1

    HEX: #0C2B5A

Secondary colors

These secondary colors are used throughout the brand.

  • Magenta

    HEX: #CC0066
    RGB: 204/0/102

  • Cyan

    HEX: #00FFFF
    RGB: 0/255/255

  • White

    RGB: 255/255/255

  • Bright Gold

    HEX: #FFCC00
    RGB: 255/204/0


Only the gradients provided here should be implemented in the brand for consistency. Avoid orange being a prominent color in the bright gold to magenta gradient. Do not use a cyan to magenta gradient. Consider color contrast when using gradients.

Bright Gold

Bright Gold

Neutral colors

These neutral colors can be used for a variety of elements.

Suggested uses:

  • Separators, a horizontal divider and background colors to create separation between content areas: light gray and medium gray
  • Text color on a light background: dark gray
  • Black

    HEX: #000000

  • Dark gray

    HEX: #333333

  • White


  • Medium gray

    HEX: #E6E6E6

  • Light gray

    HEX: #F4f4f4

Additional guidelines

For more information on images with colored overlays and color combo do's & dont's, check out the Color Guidelines.