Typography is a core element of design.  The fonts defined here are in line with the FIU Brand.  Use these fonts across all current and future platforms to maintain a consistent look and feel.

Frank New

Frank New is a sans-serif font; used for headlines, subheadlines, body copy and more

The font is available on Adobe Suite.

Frank New Bold

Frank New Bold Italics

Frank New Medium

Frank New Medium Italic

Frank New Regular

Frank New Regular Italic

Frank New Light

Frank New Light Italic


Furore is a decorative font; used for highlighting the word “Real” or the brand platform “Real Triumphs”. Other uses include labeling and eyebrow treatment.

The font can be downloaded for free on any of these website: 1001 Free Fonts or Font Squirrel.



If you are unable to access these typefaces, please use Helvetica and its weights as an alternative option.

Additional guidance

For more information on adding these fonts to your next web project, contact Digital Communications at digicomm@fiu.edu.